moTweets Review

So, in my never ending search for the perfect Twitter client for Windows Mobile I’ve been through most of them, finally settling on Pocketwit and TouchTwit. Ultimately having bought it TouchTwit let me down and started hanging the phone a lot again so that left me with Pocketwit. I had another look around as I liked […]

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Fring Review

Ever since Skype announced they were dropping support for Windows Mobile I’ve been looking for an alternative. I don’t use Skype heavily on the mobile, just occassional use but it bugged me they were dropping it as a paid up user. In fairness the client was a massive install, it used a tonne of resources […]

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Phone Choice Time!

It’s my favourite time of the year, and for once everything seems to have fallen into place for me. Yes, you might not have guessed it but its Contract renewal time on the mobile! For the last 5 years I’ve been using Windows Mobile smartphones on a variety of operators from Vodafone (who could barely […]

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So I’ve started to have a play around with QR Tags some time ago just for fun as it seemed they were appearing more and more in articles and magazines here, I even got one on a business card given to me. They make saving a contacts details bliss compared with entering all that text […]