Fitness for Summer 2016

OK, so a bit of deja vu – 2015 fitness campaign didnt actually happen so here I am in May of 16 at 108kg, with an aim of getting to 95 kg pretty rapidly. I’ve had  over two years off most forms of exercise with the exception of weekly football (which has just got painful), the FitBit is back out and calorie counting is making a come back in terms of the food diary, regular running sessions will complement the weekly five a side.

Healthy Food Diary

OK,  so after a couple of weeks I think I may have my portion control in the zone. Breakfast was a simple banana and oat shake (450ml) with skimmed milk and lunch was five Nations oat cakes with peanut butter (this @Skippy Peanut Butter is really the best I’ve found, loaded with virtually whole peanuts!), after each I have felt full and got through to the next meal with no problems. It’s Friday night now though and there are treats in the house!


Weighed in at 97.2kg with 29.7% BF and a BMI of 30.2everything heading in the right direction