Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

After running almost exclusively not listening to music for most of my times out I decided to really punish my Google Music subscription and unlimited data plan and get some additional BPM encouragement. After a week or so the wires in my headphones drove me crazy snagging on jackets and getting pulled out so I looked for a bluetooth alternative.

As you’ll know there are thousands to go at from £5 to well over £150 – I needed something special to justify  purchase like that – then  I found it, bone conducting headphones! These sit over your ear like any other ‘sports’ headphones but instead of going in or on your ear they sit on your cheek bones, and conduct the audio through your bones as if by magic – giving the advantage of leaving your ears clear to hear the thing that is about o run you over.

For £110 the comfort level is great and they look great, the sound is good  but could be better given the price point but I suspect this is something to do with the technology. All in all I love them.

EDIT: Now for the unfortunate bit, they’ve gone back to Amazon within three weeks after developing a rattle in the right ear. Its really strange hearing the music come through the bone conduction only to hear what sounds like a screw rattling around inside your actual ear. Amazon as always processed a refund (given they have a two year warranty as well) so I’ll probably order some more.

Jabra Halo Review

I bought these due to our open plan offices at work and the fact that my computer makes some noise contantly with twitter and emails etc coming in. While no one complained I felt it was best to mute the sound to the world except me! I can’t stand in ear headphones so looked for a decent set of over the ears that were a bit different. Wireless is always good for me so I happened upon the Jabra Halos. I found them much much cheaper than the £60 they want for them in the UK by importing them form the states via eBay for £19! They really are very well made and simply look stunning. Folded up they are compact and tucked nicely out of the way.

After charging them up my problems started, after a while it dawned on me that my laptop (although its a brand new near top of the line Sony) does not have an AD2P profile and so the only sound I could get thrrough them was horrible tinny hiss. I checked this by pairing them with my HTC Desire phone and they played amazingly well, the phone call quality and microphone were also excellent.

Anyway they’re going to have to go back on eBay as while they are great I dont really use my phone for a lot of music!


Cut the wires and make your favorite music sound even better with the Jabra HALO wireless headset. It connects easily to your mobile phone through stereo Bluetooth and enables you to stream music wirelessly. You can even make and take calls wirelessly.
Use the corded option if your player of choice doesn’t support Bluetooth Stereo/A2DP. With Jabra HALO you can leave your phone in the pocket or in the bag and control your music directly from the headset. The design is as strikingly clear as your voice will be with the Noise Blackout™ which eliminates unwanted background noise to make your voice stand out during calls.

The Jabra HALO makes it easy to join the wireless revolution and enables you to turn your mobile phone into your primary mobile multimedia center – with less wire and more music.

  • Enjoy wireless music and answer phone calls in crystal clear stereo sound
  • Corded option for MP3 players etc
  • Extra audio enhancement with Zirene® Power bass
  • Remote control your music via touch sensors
  • Convenient carrying style – Folded in a soft protective pouch
  • Noise Blackout™ technology with dual microphones – For clear communication
  • Multiuse™ – connect to 2 devices at the same time







Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution Review

My trusty Logitech Wave keyboard started to give up the ghost not so ong ago so before I was left sending emails with a host of typing errors due to missing keys I decided it was time to buy a new one. Havving a DiNovo Edge and being totally used to Logitech I decided not to look at anything else and the current package that seemed to offer the best mouse and keyboard combo was the MX 5500 Revolution.

I picked it up from eBuyer for around £109 which was the best price by £20 at the time. Installation of Setpoint was already done but required a simple upgrade as the new mouse and keyboard are Bluetooth not 2.4ghx. After a couple of weeks I’m totally chuffed with this combo:


  • Silent keys
  • Great display
  • Calculator useful
  • Layout excellent
  • Multiple options for customising its keys


  • totally totally precise, amazingly so
  • clutch scroll wheel amaxing
  • Many buttons to customise
  • great feeling and support for the hand.



  • Keyboard has orange highlights that you’d assume light up like the DiNovo Edge except they dont!
  • Wrist support could be wider like the Wave
  • Flaky bluetooth with Sony laptop internal bluetooth card, seems fine using logitech dongle
  • mouse takes some getting used to
  • couldn’t use the mouse if you were left handed!