Fitness for 2015

After having over a year off most forms of exercise and gym going I’m ready to start it all off again. In this time I’ve managed to pile on some more weight and am now well above all normal ranges in most of the measurements, I need to loose about three stone – and I need to do it fairly quickly. To that end all the usual methods are being deployed, the FitBit is back out and Calorie counting is making a come back in terms of the food diary, regular running sessions will complement the weekly five a side and I need to get back to the gym to find some weights!

We bought a NutriNinja at Christmas so some meals are being replaced with Green Smoothies which so far taste a lot better than they look and are actually quite filling. The biggest challenge is going to be avoiding the binge snacking habit I’ve always had but with all the left over crisps and goodies from Christmas floating around are proving equally evil.

Breakfast yesterday was two Nairn Oatcakes, followed by a lovely lunch of avocado and poached egg on whole wheat, and for dinner a green devil

As a benchmark these are my figures as we stand:


Fluffy Jam Biscuits


Pistachio and Cranberry Cookies

having a biscuit craving and none in the house it was time to get the Magimix out and whip up a batch of these, forty five minutes later we were munching on these and I was downloading the application form for the Great British Bake Off

Two Stage or 2 Step Verification

So I have just spent about the last two hours going through all my accounts such a Google, WordPress, LastPass, Dropbox, Evernote,  Facebook, Twitter – everything applying two Stage or 2 Step Verification where ever possible using Google Authenticator, which for what it does seems excellent especially using QR codes to avoid loads of fiddly numbers! Not that I had any national secrets or anything stored in any of the accounts but I’d be a bit gutted if I lost all my photos or access to services I now rely on pretty heavily. Setting up has been pretty straight forwards, I’d held off setting it up as I use an app called GSyncIt to sync Outlook data between two PCs via Google and I was cautious about it breaking – 20 seconds later and with an App specific password it was back up and syncing away again.

The only trouble I’ve had so far is with my phone, as soon as I applied  2 Step it signed me out of my phone, now when I needed to sign in again I needed to get my phone, get the access code from Authenticator and sprint to login and enter a 12 digit password and the numerical code before the code expired, it took me six attempts before I made it and am hoping I don’t have to do it again for some time!

Some things I’ve learnt:

  • Print out the backup codes
  • Don’t wipe your phone as Authenticator wont use the same data again? Not too sure about this
  • Always have your phone handy – or the print out of codes

It’s not  as painless as it seems it could be but then I am in the first hour or two, I suspect I have some angst ahead as various Apps or Tablets slowly stop working till I figure out what’s wrong with them!

Fitbit Force

Well, just as I was about to press ‘buy’ on the Fitbit Flex to replace my old Ultra I saw a Tweet fly past from the Verge about Fitbit, deciding just to check it, there it was – just what I needed, a Flex but with a clock and a step counter! Details sketchy for now but it looks like its going to be more like £99 rather than £79 for the Flex but it seems worth it to me. Hopefully it will be on pre order soon!


via Fitbit Force promo images surface, showing off tracker’s digital watch and altimeter – Pocket-lint.

Beth Rides a Bike

So finally, just short of her seventh birthday we forced Beth to have a go at riding a bike again. She’s previously been a fan of her bike on stabilizers but had then moved onto a scooter and clearly had no plans of trying a bike again but a last sunny day of the summer and we persuaded her to try again. I think she was fed up being outshone by Matthew who never had stabilizers and was riding a 3.5 years. So we wound her up and let her go, she wasn’t happy on the concrete car park so we moved onto the grass and within five minutes so was going solo, within 20 minutes she was on the cycle paths and although she needs a bit of help to get going I think she’s cracked it … until she falls off for the first time!