Livescribe Echo 8GB Review

Well this has to go down as one of my strangest purchases and six months on I still dont know if it was a good one or not! In my job I take copious amounts of notes, and sometimes record meetings as well for future reference. In case you didnt know this pen combines these […]

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Eddie Izzard

Bit of a treat out of my office window today, not an ice rink or a lunatic dangling off a tree but none other than Eddie Izzard. Shame he was out campaigning for the wrong side just before the election but he answered every question thrown at him very easily so he obviously knows his […]

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ScanSnap S300 Review

Well after using the excellent evernote for a while and using a new Canon flatbed scanner to turn all my paper documents onto pdf’s it was getting a little tiresome waiting for the scanner to scan, turn the page over, etc for a stack of documents so I went looking for a better solution. I […]

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