Healthy Food Diary

OK,  so after a couple of weeks I think I may have my portion control in the zone. Breakfast was a simple banana and oat shake (450ml) with skimmed milk and lunch was five Nations oat cakes with peanut butter (this @Skippy Peanut Butter is really the best I’ve found, loaded with virtually whole peanuts!), after each I have felt full and got through to the next meal with no problems. It’s Friday night now though and there are treats in the house!


Weighed in at 97.2kg with 29.7% BF and a BMI of 30.2everything heading in the right direction

Picasa 3 / Dell InternetWriteFail

I don’t really know what’s going on here but I thought I’d put this up to see if anyone else has the same problem or any idea what’s goings going on. For a couple of years I’ve been using Picasa and Picasa Web Albums to organise my photos and back them up to Googles servers. I’d always had trouble uploading the photos with timeouts and stuff but recently it had been getting worse taking over 8 hours to upload 10 photos after numerous retries.

In the end I turned to the help forums and after hours of digging through posts I could see people having the same problems but no real solutions, I’d tried reinstalling, etc. and didn’t want to face rebuilding the face tags and geo tags I’d carefully done over the years.  One of the more radical things I tried was replacing my ageing Linksys router with a new Netgear one only to find that wasn’t the problem – then someone suggested trying the upload while wired into the router rather than wirelessly – BANG all the uploads went through in about 30 seconds!

Problem now confined to the laptops wireless connection – I dont know what to do about it but if you have a Dell Studio 17 with WiFi/Bluetooth mini card and you are having problems that could be your only solution. I have no problem with FTP or Dropbox or any other kind of software ONLY PICASA.

Anyway, for now I’m happy to carry on plugging in whenever I need to upload, if anyone has a solution please let me know below!

Birthday Parties in the Sunshine

There really can’t be many things more annoying than waking up to a great looking sunny day, realising its Saturday, and then being struck by the realisation that you’ve already committed to spending the afternoon inside a stuffy and incredibly noisy  ‘play barn’ for a birthday party. So while my wife is out enjoying the weather here I am, hot, fed up with screaming kids after the first hour and having my ears blasted by some crap commercial radio.
I’m sure I used to like bringing them to these places but now its summer (almost) I really can’t imagine too many things worse.

Turtle Beach Wireless Headset Ear Force X41 For Xbox 360

As I mentioned previously I bought an XBox wireless headset that was perfectly good for in game chats. The trouble I was having was that I ONLY play COD Black Ops and I only play at night when the kids have gone to bed. This meant that I had to have the volume on the TV turned down pretty low and I was definately at a disadvantage not hearing people creeping round corners or jumping on crates, etc. I tried some nrmal headphones into the TV but the wires restricted the distance I could get from the TV and you obviously had  no voice chat.

After a surf round I came up with either the Turtle Beach X41 wireless headphones for XBox or the Trittons. Here it came down simply to price as Amazon had a brief sale on the Turtle Beaches and I got them for £100 instead of £130. I didn’t want to go for a cheaper wired or analogue version because of the hassle with cable tidyness and having to piggyback the cables, I was after an option that allowed me just to use the HDMI connection from my XBox to TV and another single digital out from the XBox to something.


Setup on the Turtle Beaches is exactly this, you simply use a digital cable (supplied) from the back of the XBox into the Turtle Beach box and its all done.

The sound is amazing from these I have to say, turned up or low down voice chat is great and the detail in the sound is amazing. From just using the TV I had no idea that generators hummed or the flies made noises but they all do and it adds a massive amount to the atmosphere of the game.

This is what Turtle Beach have to say about them:

The Ear Force® X41 is our top-of-the-line XBOX 360® headset featuring 7.1 channel Dolby® surround sound, XBOX LIVE® chat and a digital RF wireless connection for crystal-clear game audio. Combining outstanding comfort with a stunning 360 degree sound field and enhanced online communication, the X41 puts you in the middle of the action so you’ll enjoy a gaming experience that’s second to none.
Playing your favorite XBOX® game with the Ear Force X41 is like having a “secret weapon” in your arsenal. You’ll get a competitive advantage by hearing sound cues that you can’t hear with speakers, such as the soft footsteps of an enemy sneaking up behind you, or the click of a loading weapon far in front of you. By hearing sounds others can’t—and by knowing where they’re coming from—you’ll react faster and take them out before they take you out.
If you’re serious about XBOX 360 gaming, get serious about the sound. Invest in an Ear Force X41 and experience the game the way it was meant to be heard. It will help you to become a better player and you’ll have a lot more fun enjoying your XBOX 360.
I think they are about to be replaced with a new model that gets over the only thing I don’t like – the colour – I wish they were black!