Koi Pond Refreshed

Over a year after raising the salt level in our Koi pool to try and combat a white spot epidemic (which worked but killed all the vegetation in the pond) we’ve suffered with a huge amount of sludge in the pond. This led to a fortune being spent on filter membrane and 12 months on we were getting nowhere.

So on Friday the fish we caught and relocated to a temporary home while their pond was drained, scrubbed and refilled from scratch. We removed all the plants and washed them down before carefully placing everything back in the crystal clear water.

While emptying the pond we found a bonus of about 10 small Koi fry so hopefully in a year we’ll be back up to a healthy stocked pond.

Fish holiday home 

Beth Rides a Bike

So finally, just short of her seventh birthday we forced Beth to have a go at riding a bike again. She’s previously been a fan of her bike on stabilizers but had then moved onto a scooter and clearly had no plans of trying a bike again but a last sunny day of the summer and we persuaded her to try again. I think she was fed up being outshone by Matthew who never had stabilizers and was riding a 3.5 years. So we wound her up and let her go, she wasn’t happy on the concrete car park so we moved onto the grass and within five minutes so was going solo, within 20 minutes she was on the cycle paths and although she needs a bit of help to get going I think she’s cracked it … until she falls off for the first time!