Fitness for 2015

After having over a year off most forms of exercise and gym going I’m ready to start it all off again. In this time I’ve managed to pile on some more weight and am now well above all normal ranges in most of the measurements, I need to loose about three stone – and I need to do it fairly quickly. To that end all the usual methods are being deployed, the FitBit is back out and Calorie counting is making a come back in terms of the food diary, regular running sessions will complement the weekly five a side and I need to get back to the gym to find some weights!

We bought a NutriNinja at Christmas so some meals are being replaced with Green Smoothies which so far taste a lot better than they look and are actually quite filling. The biggest challenge is going to be avoiding the binge snacking habit I’ve always had but with all the left over crisps and goodies from Christmas floating around are proving equally evil.

Breakfast yesterday was two Nairn Oatcakes, followed by a lovely lunch of avocado and poached egg on whole wheat, and for dinner a green devil

As a benchmark these are my figures as we stand:

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