Cocoon GRID-IT Review

Having a few too many gadgets and having to shift them between work and weekend bags was a bit of an issue. I have a little padded bag that I keep things in, typically:

  • Emergency Battery Charger + tips
  • 3G Dongles
  • Leatherman
  • 4 x USB Cables (Mini, Micro, iPod, and a flexible one
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Pens
  • Emergency software disc
  • Memory Card Adaptors
  • Headphones
  • etc

I thought there must be a better thing than a gadget bag so I looked and found the Cocoon Grid-IT , looked perfect. I decided the 12″ x 8″ would fit everything on and it has a handy little zip pocket on the back for CDs, etc. I couldn’t find anywhere in the UK stocking them so got one in the end off – I think i the end it cost about £18 delivered.

First impressions were good, everything fitted nicely and it looked brilliant. The elastic straps have a rubber backing so everything gripped nicely. It was only after a couple of days use I started to notice cables missing, etc. The problem was that with the larger items such as the MiFi and the emergency battery it lifted the strap and took the tension out for the rest of the strap meaning smaller items were lose – I suppose this is common sense!

After a week of moving it almost everything had dropped off, so reluctantly it went on eBay and sold for more than I paid for it, so it was a useful experiment.

If anyone knows of the perfect Gadget Bag please let me know, I’ve gone back to my trusty Proporta Gadget bag at the moment



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