SafeWallet for Android with Dropbox Sync

After using the excellent SPB Wallet for many years under Windows Mobile I was desperate for them to release a version for Android, something they promised to do but after 18 months never had. So the hunt started for a replacement and pretty soon it was obvious it was going to be Keepass or SBSH Safewallet.

I soon came to the conclusion that SafeWallet seemed the more professional option and with its relatively cheap purchase price for both the Android and Desktop versions I purchased. Importing all my wallets from SPB went like a charm and literally within two minutes had it all set up – with the killer feature of wireless Dropbox syncing. They explain it better than me so here’s what they say:


Manage all your private information in one easy-to-use and secure solution. Using the most powerful AES 256bit encryption for the security of your private information. Store credit cards information, online passwords, bank account info and much more. SafeWallet is also available for Windows and Mac PCs, allowing you to keep your passwords securely synchronized via Dropbox or local syncing!

Sync with your PC and other phones

Use SafeWallet both on your PC and phone. Seamless syncing helps you access all of your passwords and sensitive information from your PC and phone wherever you go – securely! SafeWallet is available for Windows, Mac, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod Touch, Symbian S60 and Android. More mobile clients arriving soon!

Sync your wallets through the cloud using Dropbox and access your wallets from any PC or mobile anywhere! Sync with as many PCs/mobile phones as you like! Your information is always encrypted and 100% secure! Unlike other services, SafeWallet is the only one to offer 100% free cloud syncing service! Cloud syncing is optional, so you can still sync your wallets using local syncing if you prefer.

The phone you use today might not be the one you will be using tomorrow. As part of the SafeWallet service we are committed to bring SafeWallet to all the latest and newest devices, giving you the freedom to use the device you like knowing your passwords is always available when switching to a new phone or PC! Furthermore, your wallet data will always be compatible with any version of SafeWallet in the future!


The last bit is the great bit for me after my SPB Wallet experiences. We invest a lot of time getting these wallets setup correctly with all the information in them, its useless if one day you change to a different platform or already use multiple platforms such as an Android and an iPad.

After two weeks its really working well, the desktop app is great to work with and the sync is seamless using Dropbox. A new addition is a wallet backup from the Desktop which again is pretty cool. The only thing that SPB wins on is the display with your customised cards actually overlaid on an image of that card, which was a very cool feature but not a deal breaker!


Images from SBSH website:

safewallet_copy_field_value.png safewallet_have_you_ever_forgotten_a_password.png

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