Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution Review

My trusty Logitech Wave keyboard started to give up the ghost not so ong ago so before I was left sending emails with a host of typing errors due to missing keys I decided it was time to buy a new one. Havving a DiNovo Edge and being totally used to Logitech I decided not to look at anything else and the current package that seemed to offer the best mouse and keyboard combo was the MX 5500 Revolution.

I picked it up from eBuyer for around £109 which was the best price by £20 at the time. Installation of Setpoint was already done but required a simple upgrade as the new mouse and keyboard are Bluetooth not 2.4ghx. After a couple of weeks I’m totally chuffed with this combo:


  • Silent keys
  • Great display
  • Calculator useful
  • Layout excellent
  • Multiple options for customising its keys


  • totally totally precise, amazingly so
  • clutch scroll wheel amaxing
  • Many buttons to customise
  • great feeling and support for the hand.



  • Keyboard has orange highlights that you’d assume light up like the DiNovo Edge except they dont!
  • Wrist support could be wider like the Wave
  • Flaky bluetooth with Sony laptop internal bluetooth card, seems fine using logitech dongle
  • mouse takes some getting used to
  • couldn’t use the mouse if you were left handed!



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