Clingo Universal Podium Phone And Media Desk Stand

So after looking for something to hold my phone on my desk at work I settled on the newly released Clingo Phone and Media Stand. I chose this because I wanted something pretty substantial and didnt want to have to fix anything additional to my phone, thereby making it not fit in my Brodit holders in the cars. Not a lot to say about it really other than its a great bit of kit if you use your phone without a case or skin. While the green grippy bit really is very sticky it will only stick to a smooth surface so any skins, etc will not grip to it.

The only downside is that is looses this stickiness after a week or so but its easily returned with a wash under a warm tap and being left to dry naturally. For the £16 I got it for off eBay its a pretty good deal, especially as its not phone specific.


The Clingo Universal Podium uses Clingo’s own unique self adhesive technology to securely hold your phone or media device in place on your desk.
Why Buy:
Rotates 360 degrees to view your phone at any angle
Uses Clingo’s own self adhesive technology making it completely universal
Weighted steel base offers unrivalled stability
Easy to use – Just press on and peel off
Doesn’t lose stickiness so you can use it again and again
It’s so strong you can use your phone on it
View It At Any Angle
The Clingo universal podium comes with a stylish ball and socket system so you can rotate the holder to view your phone in virtually any position which you feel comfortable. Making it perfect whether you’re watching a video, playing games, browing the internet or taking a phone call. Using Clingo’s own self adhesive technology the phone is held firmly in place by an adhesive pad so you don’t have to worry about clipping your phone into position. Making it completely universal and simple and easy to use. Simply press your device onto the pad and when you’re finished peel it off. The beauty of it as well is that it wont leave any sticky residue on the back off your phone.

Use It Again And Again
As dust slowly builds up over time the adhesive properties reduce. Simply clean the Clingo pad under water and leave it to dry. Once it has finished drying the magical holding properties will return and your Clingo will be as good as new.

Designed with a non-slip material
Holds your mobile phone or accessories firmly
Ball and socket joint to rotate 360 degrees
Simple and stylish design won’t look out of place anywhere
Universal design to work with all phones and media accessories
Solid steel frame
Allows access to all the ports and features
Non-slip base
Leaves no residue on your phone

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