HTC Desire

Well finally, after the decisions between the Legend and the Desire and then the postponed release of the Desire while HTC decided they’d send all the shipments to the carriers rather than to shops like Clove and Handtec I’ve had my Desire for four days now so heres a little breakdown of the things I’m loving so far:
  • the screen really is amazing, even after a Touch HD this screen seems to be so much clearer
  • the speed is amazing, my Touch HD lagged a little with some apps, this thing is lightening fast
  • the Marketplace is a god send after Windows Mobile, having so much fun downloading apps just to see what they are like
  • HTC Sync seems to be working for Contacts and Calender events from Outlook
  • Touiteur ~ the twitter app is brilliant
  • NewsRob ~ brings in Google Reader subscriptions and syncs them perfectly
things that are bugging me
  • duplicate contacts and events from my Google Calendar and Contacts and sync’s with Outlook
Now all I need is to get some decent accessories, still missing any nice cases

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