Phone Choice Time!

It’s my favourite time of the year, and for once everything seems to have fallen into place for me. Yes, you might not have guessed it but its Contract renewal time on the mobile! For the last 5 years I’ve been using Windows Mobile smartphones on a variety of operators from Vodafone (who could barely hold a signal for me at home or work, and at the tim eoffered no sensible data plans) to T-Mobile (who were great on signal and had the innovative Flext tarrif that suited me for 3 years) and now I’m with Orange (again, excellent signal but slightly high call plans)
I’ve been with Orange for the past year really for one reason alone, my excellent HTC Touch HD. It was the only company offering it at the time and was also the only company that still had a sensible 12 month contract. Now I still love the phone but with the recent developments with Android and HTC announcing some fantastic new phones at the MWC it looks like my time with contract phones will have to end.
I’ve been considering four new phones really:
1. The SE Xperia X10 ~ Android
2. The HTC Bravo, now renamed the Desire (and the OEM version of the Nexus One, aka Google Phone) ~ Android
3. The HTC Legend (new version of the Hero) ~ Android
4. The HTC Touch HD2 ~ Windows Mobile, and rumoured to get WM7 Phone edition when released
You may have noticed three of them run Android. After about 7 years using WM devices for work I’ve decided that its time for a brief change. I’m not even considering an iPhone due to the contract lengths and the lock down on software, and tuth be told I’m getting a bit fed up with seeing interesting products being realsed for iPhone and Android with not even a mention of a WM release. So whilst it looks like an amazing phone unfortuntrly  the upgrade to a Touch HD2 won’t be happening. That leaves me with three to choose from, all Android:
Xperia X10
Was the first phone that made me really consider the move, its got a massive screen with loads of intersting widgets and frankly looks the business, especially in white. It has a customised UI, everything you’d expect in features and connectivity. The trouble is the realease date keeps moving and its being realesed with 1.6, although SE have promised to upgrade it as soon as possible. Looks like its also going to be £549 on release, which is a bit steep although could be subsidsed with a contract through T-Mobile who are rumoured to be taking it in the UK.
HTC Desire
Essentially looks like the Touch HD, amazingly fast, gourgeous massive AMOLED screen and riddled with every feature you could ask for. Coupled with the latest version of Android and the customised Sense UI from HTC it looks simply stunning, well actually it doesn’t it looks a bit bland for me and as I said far too much like my current phone! On pre order at £449 at Expansys
HTC Legend
Then comes the legend…. the Hero when it was realeased got me interested in Android phones, now theres not much more I can say about the Legend, its just got the lot for me. Looks sooooo good, got everything I need, latest Android, Sense UI, longer battery life than the Desire (but its got a smaller screen) and its cheaper, I guess mainly due to the slower processor, less storage space and smaller screen! Still for me its a hands down winner. Pre Order at Expansys at £399. The trouble is it looks like Vodafone have an exclusive for a while on it, and theres no way I’m going with Vodafone!. So it looks like a SIM free Legend wll set me back £399, but I’ll go onto a rolling 30 day SIM Only contract with T-Mobile for £20, giving me a massive amount of minutes, texts and unlimitied browing ~ its still a good deal and I can sell it when I want and move contracts as often as I need, and will cost me far less than the Touch HD has done over the year and an upgrade to the Touch HD2 will do.
Both Desire and Legend due out in the UK on the 12th April, so still time to change my mind and go for the Desire, but I doubt it will happen

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