HDD Failure!!

Well after two and half years of trouble free use my excellent Vista MediaCentre is starting to suffer some problems. About 4 weeks ago the DVD drive decided it was only a CD ROM, multiple cleans later and a firmware upgrade and its still a duffer so I was going to have to open the case anyway to upgrade that to a Blu Ray. Now yesterday I came to watch Match of the Day as it has always trustily recorded it on series link to find a strange, ‘failed to boot HDD’ message on the screen. A quick restart and I thought everything was well until I saw another dreaded Windows message, “Windows has detected that your Hard Drive is failing ~ backup now”, which is a handy message to give but gives no indication of why it thinks it is, there’s no clicking, random searching or excessive noise.

Another restart just to check and the message came back a quick backup of everything important and now I’m just waiting to see if the Samsung Spinpoint is actually on its way out or if its just an errounous error somewhere. Looks like its going to be upgrade time though with a Blu Ray, 1TB SATA HDD and while I’m there do I upgrade it to Windows 7 to get the new MediaCentre features?

Either way theres not going to be any recorded TV for a week or so!

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